Laundry Room Makeover On A Budget

This laundry room makeover on a budget is located in the middle of the house near this or that. It is a decent size but it is perfectly functional. There is room for the washer/dryer and a wardrobe for storage and a folding area. But it had zero styles. And let us be realistic that we are going to spend much time there, then at least it should be beautiful!

Painting and decoration

First, we paint the walls white, all by your self. And then it would be amazing to paint the ceiling of a bright color. Do all painting cabinet/furniture by your self for less cost. The painting makes all the difference!

Even after only the painting, it was improved dramatically. But, it may not be there, it can be? Again, not a great decoration budget here, so we have to be thrifty and willing to Do It Your self a couple of things. Initially, we had a simple Do It Your Self things.

Take down the wire shelving. Then he bought an unfinished piece of wood and unfinished brackets. The stained and dry brushed some black paint on them, then them a little sanding. They are still a bit dark, and if you do it again, it would be much lighter. Dust fluff shows like crazy on dark surfaces! There the new platform!


Why not add a luxury chandelier for your laundry room? Found something in the shop online and spray paint. The high roof has to fit your chandelier choose.


The washboard comes from an antique shop, the basket in the dryer holds our dryer sheets, mini stair came out an old shelf, a lamp is an old man who got surgery esthetics and the mirror was a finding of tent antiquities.


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