Rustic Laundry Room

The Light

The first step was removing the fluorescent light. The light gave us a serious headache, so we wanted that out of the room first and foremost because we knew we would be spending a lot of hours in this room working on it. Switch to a flush mount. Could not believe how easy it was. It did leave two small holes in the ceiling, but that was easily patched and painted. You’ll in love with that light, think it’s made for this laundry room.


Next, was dealing with the walls. The initial plan was to shiplap only the wall behind the washer and dryer where the old shelf used to be and add new shelving. Well, …pulled the old shelf out and half the wall and the two walls on either side of that wall got really damaged. The walls would need some drywall repair or we could just shiplap over it all! Once we added the faux (plywood) shiplap to the entire room, decide against replacing the utility sink and vanity as originally planned. Spent so many hours trying to find the right vanity and sink and could not find anything to fit in that space or it went very over budget. Go to Plan B and painted the existing cabinet, changed out the old faucet, and really cleaned the sink. This saved us a huge expense and you will completely satisfied with the turnout. The biggest cost was the plywood for the room, so this room was super budget friendly considering what a huge impact it makes now.


After all the painting was done (shiplap and vanity), it was time to hang the shelves. Love the dark wood with the rough edge against the clean white shiplap?. These shelves are so easy to hang if you choose the World Market matching brackets. But really set on these black ones from to really play up the contrast against the white walls. Then added our everyday items back in and decor. Don’t forget those washboards from different antique shops lying around for years and happy to finally have a permanent home for them!


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